Importer Security Filing Worksheet

Please include postal codes with all addresses. All information must be provided at least 72 hours prior to lading. Please allow for weekends and holidays.

Beginning January 2010, do not load the container on the vessel until you receive confirmation from Henry E. Kloch & Co. or the importer that the ISF has been filed with CBP and accepted.

If you are not currently a client of Henry E. Kloch & Co. and have not sent us an executed power of attorney and ISF agreement, please do not fill out htis form. First contact Henry E. Kloch & Co. to have your account set up.

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Contact Name:
Consignee and IR#
(if different from importer):
Seller's Name:
Ship To Name
(if different from importer):
Container Stuffing Location Name
(if different from importer):
Consolidator's Name
(if used):
Import Date:
AMS House Bill of Lading # (if used):
Exporting Vessel:
Attach Copy of
Commerical Invoice (preferred):
HTS#s (comma separated):