Our Services

Classification and Entry Writing

We have over forty years of experience in proper Customs classification of merchandise and entry writing.

Food and Drug

We specialize in food and food related products and are specialists in U.S. Food and Drug Administration matters. We also hold a liquor license for Customs Brokerage Clearance.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

We are experts in dealing with the special requirements of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. We coordinate with USDA before the vessel arrives to determine if they wish to examine, need to fumigate or usually release each related shipment.

Animal Feed

We are experienced in handling animal feed products, charters of grain, and other bulk shipments.

Customer Service

Each client is treated as an individual and each shipment is a hot shipment. Each clients special needs are assessed in advance and we work with each client to see that shipments are expedited to their ultimate delivery. Our job isn’t done until the customer gets delivery.

Nationwide Customs Clearance

We have a national license from U.S. Customs which means we are able to clear your shipments anywhere in the country allowing you to centralize your importing under one broker who knows your product and your needs. We can clear shipments in Chicago and Los Angeles where our physical offices are located but can also clear in San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, Oakland, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Denver, Portland, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville, Charleston, Norfolk, Philadelphia, New York, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City and hundreds of other Customs ports throughout the country.

Importer Security Filing

We can now file your required Importer Security Filing.